Client stories

To give you a flavour of the impact of the Cru approach, here is what a few clients have said about their experience:

“Working with Cru has been a transformational experience for me. It’s had positive benefits for my leadership. I feel I have made significant progress towards leading rather than simply managing, and the work has changed not only the way I think but also what I think about. I won’t pretend it’s easy work – it’s actually very challenging. I know that no significant developmental progress can be made without challenge. Fortunately, Neill and Trevor’s delivery method reflects my own philosophy of ‘challenge and support’, so while it is challenging work, you will always feel supported in reaching your goals. I have invited Cru in to work with my management team and me. What was transformational for me can be transformational for our whole institute.”


“We worked together, using The Immunity to Change process, which helps you tackle the things in your life and career that are often the most difficult to change and keep reoccurring. Not only did Cru help me understand this in a deep and meaningful way but also provided a framework for testing and validating the assumptions you often make about why things stop you progressing and fundamentally hone in on the things that really matter. It has helped me better understand and recognise both positive and negative habits and therefore established a real mind-set change, in turn helping me grow and develop.”


“Over the past 20 years, I have observed and been through coaching, counseling and mentoring, and nowhere else have I found the level of improvement that I have found with Immunity to Change. I wholeheartedly recommend Cru coaching – particularly to those who have professional ambition, or simply wish to understand their actions and behaviors more deeply to change or adapt to new circumstances.”


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