Our values reflect our mindset and authentic behaviour. They create the experience we want for our clients. Our values are tailored, collaborative and supportive.


Our job at Cru is to help leaders make the difference within an organisational context. Given that every organisation is different, and every leader is unique, we know it is essential that learning interventions are tailored to fit. In practice, being tailored means working with you to understand the issues you want to solve, the culture you are working within, your aspirations, barriers and constraints.

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By nature, we are collaborative. We value insight and creativity. The best learning solutions are a team effort, bringing together diverse experience, multiple perspectives and a growth mindset. In practice, being collaborative means that we will take the lead on ideas while encouraging your involvement to the degree that is valuable for you. Collaboration has a different balance for each client.


Growing as a leader is challenging. To develop as a leader means choosing to grow in areas that are not always natural or comfortable but can become so with practice. Leaders need support to try new things out, take risks and open themselves up to new perspectives. In practice, being supportive means Cru being non-judgmental, accepting, open and transparent. We combine challenge with sensitivity and support.

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Want to discuss your ideas?

If you would like to talk with us about a course that you have in mind, we would love to hear from you. Your ideas do not need to be fully formed. We can have an informal, creative conversation. You will be under no obligation and the conversation will be confidential.


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Download Cru’s guide to Leadership that makes the Difference right here. You will benefit from immediately applicable, practical ideas and tools that will inspire and support you in your:

External world - your team and organisation.

Internal world - your confidence and motivation.

Your future world - your aspirations for your leadership and career.

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If you’d like to explore your ideas with us, we’d love to hear from you. We offer a 30 minute confidential conversation with no obligation and no charge.
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