Our Approach

Using the best theory and practice, we will help you become the leader who makes the difference.

Our Approach

We draw on the best theory and practice that will help you to be the leader who makes the difference. We help clients to:

  • Keep on top of complexity.
  • Embrace disruptive change.
  • Regulate the emotional climate.
  • Over-turn limiting behaviours.
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Adaptive leadership

The best way to keep being successful, is to keep adapting as change occurs. Adaptive leadership is an approach ideally suited to leading in complex, challenging and fast-changing situations. It is a set of tools, and a mindset, that we can help you learn and master.

Immunity to Change

Immunity to Change is an approach to executive coaching. ITC focuses specifically on turning behaviours that we struggle to change into behaviours that we can deploy effectively. Typical “Achilles heel” behaviours that may have been resistant to change include delegating effectively; handling conflict; initiating difficult conversations; overcoming imposter syndrome; and building trust and empathy with others.

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Adult development theory

Adult development theory helps leaders who want their people to take more responsibility or be more autonomous. It describes four world views. At any one time, a human being will hold one of these world views. Some world views limit how much self-direction people are able to take on. So, by moving to other world views, people can increase their ability to self-direct and be autonomous.

Trained by the best

We have been trained directly in Adaptive Leadership by Ronald Heifetz (Harvard Kennedy School); in Immunity to Change by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey (Harvard Graduate School of Education) and in Adult Development Theory by Jennifer Garvey-Berger.

Let us help you right now

Download Cru’s guide to Leadership that makes the Difference right here. You will benefit from immediately applicable, practical ideas and tools that will inspire and support you in your:

External world - your team and organisation.

Internal world - your confidence and motivation.

Your future world - your aspirations for your leadership and career.

Download the guide

Adapt, Grow, Achieve

In our book, Adapt, Grow, Achieve, we use the approaches above to support leaders in dealing with the many challenges of leadership. The book explores how to lead:

  • In the external environment of the organisation and team.
  • In the internal environment of one’s own thinking and emotions.

and how to grow:

  • Our people’s capacity to adapt to change.
  • Our own capacity to develop ourselves and grow to meet our challenges.
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