Leading across your organisation

Addressing the most pressing and complex challenges facing you, is the work of leadership across an organisation. There is a specific skill set that you can learn, improve and master.

Having a wider impact

Organisational leadership impacts the wider organisation, not just a specific team. It is borne out of a desire to make a difference and create positive change. Wise organisations encourage organisational leadership at all levels – it is not just the preserve of senior leaders.

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Leading in disruption

Organisational leadership is most needed when external or internal changes disrupt the status quo and current ways of working. External challenges might be the sudden increase in the price of materials, or the loss of a major client. Internally focused challenges might be the impact of a new CEO or a merger. A very specific set of tools is needed for leading these changes positively.

Tools for effective leadership

Tools that are often overlooked during times of disruption and complexity are:

  • Effectively channelling people’s feelings of loss, so they can face the new situation positively
  • Being curious about differing perspectives and using this intelligence to plan a way forward
  • Spending time on the balcony
  • Keeping focused and avoiding overwhelm

We talk about these tools and more in our book ‘Adapt, Grow, Achieve’.

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Recent work

Some of the organisational challenges clients have brought to us recently include:

  • Business results are heading south.
  • We need to do more with less.
  • External threats: competition; war for talent; new technology.
  • Changing people structures – mergers; growing headcount; struggling to fill vacancies.
  • ‘Millennials’ leaving for development and opportunity elsewhere.
  • Succession planning.

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Let us help you right now

Download Cru’s guide to Leadership that makes the Difference right here. You will benefit from immediately applicable, practical ideas and tools that will inspire and support you in your:

External world – your team and organisation.

Internal world – your confidence and motivation.

Your future world – your aspirations for your leadership and career.

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