Our Story

Cru is a leadership development consultancy. We support our clients to be the leader who makes the difference. Our values and approach are at the heart of what we offer and how we help.

Getting started

Cru is led by Neill Thew and Trevor Cousins. Although we had known each other for more than 25 years, the Cru story began in 2017. Over a number of conversations we agreed that we could make a bigger and more positive impact on the world if we worked together. Our focus is on leadership. We believe that effective leadership is the accelerator for positive change in teams and organisations.

Targeting our passion

What gets us up in the morning is our commitment to help leaders make the difference, and to create positive change. Leadership is a powerful force. It can create great things. It can also generate toxic environments and damage lives. Our satisfaction comes from helping leaders and their teams thrive.

The cru approach

Empathy for leaders

Staff look to leaders for security and right answers. Yet, leaders are often leading in insecure situations where there aren’t right answers. It’s a tough, tough job. Successful leaders own that they need to keep developing as the demands of their role evolve and change. They are open to growth and learning. Cru supports leaders in their learning and evolution.

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The Cru sweet spot

We love to work with leaders who have the wisdom to know that they cannot succeed alone. Wise leaders know that they need to continually learn about leadership if they are to continue to make the difference. By overturning limiting behaviours and expanding their awareness they will grow to their full potential. We love to support leaders in their growth and making an ever bigger difference.

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Adapt Grow Achieve: Equip Yourself for the Challenges of Leadership

Our book is available from Amazon in print and digital formats. If you have a Kindle, you can download a free sample of the e-book Introduction. Find out how you can equip yourself for the challenges of leadership, using Cru’s Adapt, Grow, Achieve approach to leadership development.

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