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You can tailor our services to fit your needs. Options available to you include one-to-one sessions; group workshops; consulting and psychometrics. Delivery can be in person or online.

Executive coaching

If you would benefit from a non-judgmental sounding board to help you explore and develop your leadership, then executive coaching might be right for you. Coaching offers a place for you to: develop solutions to knotty problems; get an outside perspective; think in depth about your leadership; keep alive your vision for the difference you want to make; and be seen, heard and recognised.

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If you want to develop a number of leaders at the same time, a blended course might work for you. Cru only offers courses tailored to an organisation’s culture and its specific needs. We do not offer “sheep dip” one-size fits all courses. We offer interactive courses online and in-person, blending individual support, group interventions, peer learning, and self-observation.



If you have a general idea about the external support you need, but you’re not exactly sure, having a consultation session with us is a great place to start. Consultancy allows us to collaborate with you to get super clear about the outcomes you need; the challenges and gaps standing in your way; and the work that needs to be done to make progress.

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A Cru webinar is an online session combining teaching, interaction and experimentation. Typically, participants gain new tools or new perspectives on current, challenging topics.

Webinars are easily scalable, allowing cost-effective development for larger numbers of leaders or their team members. They are also suitable for bringing together participants from different countries or business units.



Knowing one’s behavioural preferences and blind spots is key to any leader’s development. There are numerous psychometrics assessments that can be useful. We are licensed to facilitate Motivational Maps; Myers Briggs (MBTI) Step 1 and Step 2; Belbin Team Roles; Strengthscope.

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Let us help you right now

Download Cru’s guide to Leadership that makes the Difference right here. You will benefit from immediately applicable, practical ideas and tools that will inspire and support you in your:

External world – your team and organisation.

Internal world – your confidence and motivation.

Your future world – your aspirations for your leadership and career.

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