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In this section of the website, you’ll find details of Cru’s leadership development services.

The second challenge of Adapt, Grow, Achieve leadership is learning to grow your capacity for highly effective leadership.

The Grow leadership phase is developmental. In the Grow phase, your outer challenge is to engage and mobilise others to face their most significant challenges and opportunities, and to make progress on them. During the Grow phase, you begin to help people build the capacity for adaptation and change that they will need in order to make headway. Your inner Grow challenge is to develop the complexity of your own ways of thinking about leadership. This will lead to a greater ability to act effectively and flexibly. You will be called upon to improve your ability to tolerate uncertainty; navigate multiple perspectives; and gain greater critical distance from the assumptions that have previously shaped your default responses and limited the range of leadership behaviours available to you.

We are here to offer you skilled support in your growth. We do this in a number of ways:

Cru’s Challenges of Leadership 3-day course

In Deloitte’s most recent survey of global capital trends, 80% of respondents identified leadership development as an important issue. Fully 42% described leadership development as very important or crucial.

In increasingly turbulent times, older ‘command and control’ models of leadership are being experienced as increasingly inadequate; unsuited to the complex challenges facing leaders. Organisations are clamouring for more agile and diverse leadership, operating with new models of team-based, networked leadership, capable of mobilising people to adapt effectively to changing environments, allowing organisations to thrive in uncertainty.

Cru’s 3-day Challenges of Leadership course has been designed in response to these major developmental challenges.

Over the course of three days, you’ll learn how to use Cru’s Adapt, Grow, Achieve process to:

  • Significantly increase your capacity for effective leadership
  • Significantly develop your capacity to deal with complexity and uncertainty
  • Significantly enhance your personal capacity to learn and grow
  • Make progress on your own organisational leadership challenges

We offer the course several times a year, in Brighton and London. We limit each course to just 16 participants, to allow ample time for discussion and interaction. To make the course highly relevant to you, we invite you to apply your learning to your own live leadership challenges throughout all three days.  The course brochure and application form are available to download on the Courses and Workshops page.

If you’d like further support to embed your learning after you return to work, we offer three different, optional coaching packages as a follow up for course participants. As part of our commitment to your growth and success, we offer this coaching at a substantial discount from our regular coaching rates.

As well as offering this public Challenges of Leadership course, we can also tailor the course for in-company requirements. Please contact us for further details.

Cru Leadership Coaching

Leadership coaching with Cru will support you to grow how you think, act, and react as a leader. We will help you develop your ability to think diagnostically; to act effectively and overcome limiting behaviours; and to react resiliently in the face of personal challenges.

We use an Immunity to Change (ITC) coaching approach, because we’ve found this to be the most effective way to help leaders address mindset and behavioural development simultaneously.

ITC coaching is particularly helpful in situations where you’ve been finding it difficult to achieve behavioural changes.

Coaching is focused on achieving your desired outcomes. For that reason, coaching is time limited. Our aim is to help you create valuable new capacity – not to make you dependent on your coach.

An ITC coaching arc consists of 10 sequenced sessions, focused on making the specific improvement you desire. The first session lasts for 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions last for 60 minutes. We recommend fortnightly sessions. You will be given ‘homework’ to do between sessions. We work with clients over Skype or Zoom.

We also offer 3 and 6 session leadership coaching interventions for clients who are not looking for a full ITC arc, and who have a specific issue that they want support with. 

Please contact us to discuss your coaching requirements.

Cru Consultancy

We are committed to helping our clients first identify and understand their most significant challenges, and then generate new solutions and new leadership capacity to make progress.

Cru’s Adapt, Grow, Achieve process creates an effective framework for leading positive organisational change in the midst of volatility and uncertainty. Our approach allows clients, both individually and collectively, to lead progress on their challenges of organisational adaptation, growth and change.

We do not sell ‘products’. We work alongside you to understand and make progress on your challenges. For us, no two consultancy engagements are ever the same.

Please contact us to tell us your challenge and discuss your consultancy requirements.

Cru Talks and Keynotes

We offer talks to challenge and inspire groups of leaders or colleagues.

We’re known for delivering lively, provocative and thought-leading talks on the challenges of leadership, and on how to develop highly effective leaders. We always leave groups with practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.

Please contact us to discuss your talk and keynote requirements.

Cru Psychometric and Assessment Tools

We use a number of tools and tailor them to client needs. Our tools include:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator – Steps 1 and 2
  • Leadership Circle Profile
  • Motivational Mapping
  • Strengthscope
  • Belbin Team Roles

Please contact us to discuss your psychometric or assessment requirements.

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