Working with Leaders on their Adaptive Challenges

Cru seeks to support leaders and leadership teams through consulting, leadership training, coaching and speaking. Our services are designed to align with a leader or organisation’s needs, including:

  • Consulting: we work with organisations to support them in clarifying their adaptive challenges and how they can move forward to success and thriving.
  • Leadership training: we equip leaders with skills and mind-sets that enable them to lead more effectively in situations requiring adaptation and change.
  • Coaching: we coach leaders and teams in letting go of unconscious behaviours that are blocking growth and change and consciously taking on new behaviours that enable them to make progress and thrive.
  • Speaking: we offer talks and presentations to audiences that want to find out more about leading in turbulent times, including the challenges and benefits of the Cru approach.
  • Free resources: we enable people to grow their own knowledge in the areas of adaptive leadership, adult development theory and Immunity to Change coaching through CruVideo, the CruBlog, the CruNewsletter and other publications.

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