Being the leader who makes the difference challenges you to develop and grow. You can develop on your own at your own pace. Or you can develop faster with the support of a Cru coach.

Time-efficient and impactful

You are busy. The pressures of work are high. Life outside work takes up your spare bandwidth. You need coaching to be time-efficient and impactful. Coaching will get you time back. You will accelerate the pace at which you resolve whatever’s getting in your way. Your thinking, actions and behaviour will have greater focus and purpose.

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More confidence, less stress

Confidence enables us to act. Stress depletes our resources. Increasing confidence and reducing stress gets us on the path to thriving. Your Cru coach will be a skilled sounding board. You will have non-judgmental conversations to explore challenges, address gaps and blocks, and develop new strategies and tools. Normal feelings like frustration and uncertainty give way to confidence, motivation and resolve.

Tailored to you

The sweet spot of coaching is when we feel fully seen, heard and recognised by our coach. They just ‘get us’. Your Cru coach will create the conditions to ‘get you’. Together you will create goals that focus on the transformation that is most important to you. They will also be 100% on your side, committed to knowing you, appreciating you and helping you to get the best out of yourself.

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  • “The coaching process with Neill really enabled me to reflect and process the why behind why I found feedback so difficult to give. Knowing that then helped me to unpack the steps to helping me overcome that ‘fear’ and move through it. It taught me so much about myself. Neill’s calm, empathetic, enthusiastic and relatable approach really helped me to open up and transparently share what was happening in my head. He made what I felt were wild ideas/thoughts not wild at all, he made them feel okay to feel.”


    Bracknell, UK
  • “I found it really helpful to explore my big assumptions and the consequent challenges I face in work, with somebody who could understand the context whilst also taking a neutral but caring stance. It felt like a safe and supportive space and allowed me to be open and do what can be difficult work on acknowledging my own triggered behaviour and changing it. Trev was really  good at keeping me on task (not always an easy thing to do!). He also allowed me space to explore my own thoughts and feelings constructively. I really liked Trev’s style – he was patient and very aware of my mood and needs on every occasion we met, and I got so much out of the process. Just to say thank you for a really positive experience- I will be recommending we use Cru again in future when the opportunity arises!”


    Brighton, UK
  • “Working with Cru has been a transformational experience for me. It’s had positive benefits for my leadership. I feel I have made significant progress towards leading rather than simply managing, and the work has changed not only the way I think but also what I think about. I won’t pretend it’s easy work – it’s actually very challenging. I know that no significant developmental progress can be made without challenge. Fortunately, Neill and Trevor’s delivery method reflects my own philosophy of ‘challenge and support’, so while it is challenging work, you will always feel supported in reaching your goals. I have invited Cru in to work with my management team and me. What was transformational for me can be transformational for our whole institute.”


    Bristol, UK

Let us help you right now

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External world – your team and organisation.

Internal world – your confidence and motivation.

Your future world – your aspirations for your leadership and career.

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