We help you be the leader who makes the difference

Being the leader who makes the difference is an important and noble aspiration. Not everyone has the will to lead. But those who do, deserve tailored, practical and relevant support that enables them to achieve their aspirations without wasting their time, energy or money.
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Lead your team

Make the difference by creating an environment for thriving. Confidently and skilfully set the mood for your team. Foster productivity, adaptability and positive change.

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Lead your organisation

Leaders often fail not through lack of will or ambition, but by focusing their efforts in the wrong places. Make the difference with a clear eye on how and where to apply your leadership.

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Grow as a leader

Make the difference in your own life and career by choosing to grow. Break through the barriers that are stopping you reaching your next level.

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How we help

We tailor how we help to the specific needs of each client. We blend coaching, workshops, webinars and consultancy. Support is non-judgmental, evidence-based and grounded in the real-world.


Who chooses Cru Leader Development?

Our clients come from:

  • Global organisations, often in tech and consulting.
  • Medium-sized international businesses.
  • UK-based companies.
  • Not-for-profits and educational organisations.

In recent years we have worked with many sectors: financial services; consulting; tech; property; engineering; mobile telecoms; food and drink; heritage; higher education; and publicly-funded organisations.


Let us help you right now

Download Cru’s guide to Leadership that makes the Difference right here. You will benefit from immediately applicable, practical ideas and tools that will inspire and support you in your:

External world - your team and organisation.

Internal world - your confidence and motivation.

Your future world - your aspirations for your leadership and career.

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Most leadership failures are failures of diagnosis

In my mid-30s, I got sick. I spent 18 months in bed, in pain and exhausted. It took three years before I got an accurate diagnosis: I live with an obscure genetic liver condition. Once diagnosed, I’ve been able to make the right adaptations, take action, and resume my life.
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The Leaders’ Guide to Surviving an Amygdala Hijack

If there’s one clear message about leadership in the late 2010s, it’s that the pace of change is accelerating. Complex challenges are becoming more relentless. Leaders are becoming far more frequently overwhelmed.
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A blueprint for leadership in complex, fast-paced and uncertain situations

One of my favourite quotes seems all the more relevant today: “It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin
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  • “Working with Cru has been a transformational experience for me. It’s had positive benefits for my leadership. I feel I have made significant progress towards leading rather than simply managing, and the work has changed not only the way I think but also what I think about. I won’t pretend it’s easy work – it’s actually very challenging. I know that no significant developmental progress can be made without challenge. Fortunately, Neill and Trevor’s delivery method reflects my own philosophy of ‘challenge and support’, so while it is challenging work, you will always feel supported in reaching your goals. I have invited Cru in to work with my management team and me. What was transformational for me can be transformational for our whole institute.”


    Bristol, UK
  • “Cru Leadership are nailing virtual delivery! Our recent webinar met the needs of our cohort 100%. Trevor was an excellent facilitator possessing an excellent comprehension of leadership development. The built in opportunities for reflection and interaction were particularly powerful. Everyone left feeling stretched with new insights. We highly recommend any opportunity to work with Cru, and if that’s not possible their book, “Adapt, Grow Achieve” is a good second best.”


    General Manager at Tasmanian Leaders Inc, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
  • "Working with Neill and Trevor has been an experience that has entirely reshaped my view on leadership and my understanding of what meaningful leadership can look like. Their holistic practice has enabled me to feel included and supported as I develop my skillset and build a deeper understanding of my organisation. As a result of working with Cru, I feel more confident to lead from where I am, in an ever- evolving organisation, for positive change. I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future."

    Jessie Jane

    Somerset, UK

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