One of my favourite quotes seems all the more relevant today:

“It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the most adaptable to change.” Charles Darwin

Many organisations have had to change ways of working at a pace that would have been beyond the imagination of even the most ambitious leaders.

There’s so much learning to be gained from periods of unprecedented change. There’s an opportunity to create a new blueprint for leadership. Yet, leaders, under intense pressure, often don’t have the mental bandwidth, let alone time, to reflect and feed forward.

With Neill Thew, I have created a blueprint for leading in complex, uncertain times, so busy leaders don’t need to create their own. We have drawn on the research, evidence base and experience of a number of leaders in the field to create our Adapt, Grow, Achieve process and tools.

This post was prompted by a leader working in leadership development in a global organisation. She told us: “Your book couldn’t be more timely actually, in terms of the challenges businesses and leaders are currently facing.”

Adapt, Grow, Achieve is deliberately short, at 100 pages. There’s no filler, just relevant and practical content for growth-oriented leaders at all levels.

The three main benefits of the book are:

  • Increased skill and confidence to lead in complex and uncertain situations
  • A set of practical tools that you can apply to your current challenges
  • A way of thinking that reshapes how you approach leading in uncertainty

The three themes of Adapt, Grow, Achieve are:

  • Adapt: when past experience can’t provide the answers to the challenge you are facing, adaptation is the way forward. If leaders don’t understand the challenge they are facing and how to adapt, failure follows.
  • Grow: to create fast and sustainable adaptation, everyone needs to be focused on building new capacity and mindsets and be motivated to grow.
  • Achieve: Achievement, when solutions are not clear, occurs through experimentation and learning, not looking for silver bullets or strong leaders who know the answer.

You can download the Introduction free on Kindle and purchase paper and electronic copies from Amazon

We love to talk about the book. If you want to find out more or share your challenges with us, please get in contact or connect with me, Trevor Cousins, or Neill Thew through the Contact page.