Highly tailored, relevant, practical, interactive courses enable participants to grow, and organisations to adapt, in changing times. Courses can be run for a team, a population or multiple cohorts.

Diagnosis-led design

We always start with a blank sheet of paper and a shortlist of powerful questions. We talk with you to really understand the challenges you face, the barriers that are impeding progress, your vision of success, and how multiple stakeholders perceive the difference you are wanting to make. Courses that will be taken by multiple cohorts are usually piloted and refined before being rolled out.

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You know your organisation. You know your people. No doubt you have strong views about what a great learning outcome would look like. By co-creating a course with you, we combine the best of what you know, with the best of what we know, and together we create something better than either of us could do alone. Clients who enjoy working with Cru tend to be people who enjoy and value co-creation.

Blended learning

Typically, we would lead and facilitate blended learning both in person and virtually. Different types of learning interventions are joined up to maximise learning, engagement and enjoyment. Participants gain knowledge through workshops; develop their knowledge in small learning groups; carry out learning tasks such as observation and experimentation; apply their learning on the job; and often receive one-to-one coaching. If appropriate, we recommend diagnostic tools.

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Most clients prefer to carry out post-course evaluation themselves, using surveys and tools that they are comfortable with. Clear, robust learning outcomes and learning objectives are created with evaluation in mind. Successful courses create a buzz in the organisation. Often, courses are rolled out to additional teams or cohorts when their value and impact is felt within the organisation.

Want to discuss your ideas?

If you would like to talk with us about a course that you have in mind, we would love to hear from you. Your ideas do not need to be fully formed. We can have an informal, creative conversation. You will be under no obligation and the conversation will be confidential.

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