Meet Cru’s founders, Neill and Trevor

Cru Leader Development is a boutique consultancy, led by Neill Thew and Trevor Cousins .

Trev and Neill specialise in enabling leaders to mobilise their people to success in the most challenging of circumstances. We work with clients to make progress on their adaptive challenges, the challenges that don’t have easy answers, that organisations often wish would just go away and which are causing disagreement and conflict.

We are interested in contributing to the emerging field of leading in complex and turbulent environments. We do this through practical work with our clients; sharing knowledge with learning and development professionals and leaders through videos, podcasts and blogging. We also interact with other consultants and thinkers in the field as a way of challenging our thinking and keeping our ideas fresh.

Neill and Trev bring more than 40 years’ experience in people development and are informed by their education and training at Oxford and Harvard Universities and Cranfield University School of Management.

We are based in Brighton and Hove in the UK and work internationally.

Our journey to this point ….

Neill Thew and Trevor Cousins are the Founding Directors of Cru Leader Development.

  • Between us, we have more than 40 years’ experience in people development
  • We have held senior management and leadership positions in commercial and public sector organisations
  • We have successful track records in developing leaders and supporting people in making a lasting adaptive change across a range of industries including finance, higher education, engineering, mobile telecoms, property, public health, hospitality, creative industries, charity/not-for-profit, and heritage.
  • We have been trained in Immunity to Change coaching by Prof. Robert Kegan and Dr. Lisa Lahey of Harvard University
  • We have trained in Adaptive Leadership – we are graduates of the Art and Practice of Leadership Development programme at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, led by Ronald Heifetz
  • Neill holds an MLitt in English from the University of Oxford.
  • Trevor holds an MA in European Management from Cranfield University, School of Management

About Trevor

Trevor loves travelling and boutique hotels; learning more about what makes him tick; dinner and good conversation; a great Netflix drama; playing Scrabble; a perfectly mixed Negroni and walking along the beach in Hove.

Clients describe Trev as genuine; insightful; empowering; optimistic; reflective; wise; grounded; trustworthy; innovative; and sensitively challenging.

About Neill

Neill loves having six books on the go; cooking and feeding family and friends; exploring the world; any new Apple product and Japanese logic puzzles.

Clients describe Neill as one of the most inspirational people they have ever met; warm; empowering; creative; positive; big-hearted; widely read; knowledgeable and fun.

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