The Cru Approach

Cru’s mission

Cru Leader Development’s mission is to equip people for the highly challenging activity of leadership

The Cru Approach

Can anyone doubt that leadership is very challenging?

Difficulty and complexity are the very terrain of leadership. Effective leadership always heads straight towards the toughest problems. This is because leadership is the activity of mobilising people to make progress on their most significant challenges.

Leadership is also tough because in order to make progress on complex challenges, we need to learn new ways of doing things.  As President Kennedy put it, ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.’

We might add: leadership and discomfort are indispensable to each other.

We equip and support leaders in the challenges of leadership through the three stage Adapt, Grow, Achieve process designed by Cru. This model draws both on our own experience, and on the research and evidence-base from the fields of leadership, coaching, adult development and learning.

Cru by name, Cru by nature

Cru is a French word that sums up our approach to the work we do.

In French wine, cru denotes both growth and high quality. Our mission is to support people to grow so they are able to achieve higher quality outputs as a result of their leadership. This is the “outer work” of leadership.

In French cuisine, Cru describes things that are raw or uncooked. The “inner work” of leadership calls us to address some of the emotional, raw and unprocessed thoughts and feelings that are blocking our progress, without us realising.

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