The Cru approach

Cru’s purpose is to equip people for the challenges of leadership. We’ll work hard to help you become ever more effective at leading positive change.

We’re motivated to do this because we want to help others make a positive difference in the world, and because we understand that effective leadership is challenging and benefits from support.

Leadership is challenging because it involves mobilising people to make progress on their most difficult challenges and their most pressing opportunities. Difficulty, complexity and uncertainty are the very terrain of leadership.

Leadership is also personally stretching because in order to make progress on complex challenges that we haven’t faced before, we need to learn new ways of doing things. As President Kennedy put it, ‘Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.’

Cru’s Adapt, Grow, Achieve process takes you through the journey of diagnosing your leadership challenges; developing your leadership capacity; and implementing your learning, in your own professional context, in order to achieve progress.

Our approach at Cru is to support you to work on both the outer and the inner challenges of your leadership.

Your outer challenge is to become highly skilled and effective at leading. Great leadership helps people grow and change in order to thrive.

Your inner challenge is to develop and adapt yourself. Your challenge is to grow your personal capacity to meet the changing demands of your leadership.

We always start with your outer challenges. These will determine what it is, right now, that you most need to work on for your inner personal and professional development.

Our approach synthesises the best evidenced theory and practice drawn from the four fields of leadership, coaching, adult development and adult learning. We also draw on Cru’s consultants’ years of leadership experience in diverse for-profit and non-profit organisations.

In French wine, Cru denotes both growth and high quality. We’ll support your outer leadership work to help you grow and achieve high quality outputs as a result of your leadership.

In French cuisine, Cru describes things that are uncookedor raw. We’ll support your inner leadership work to help you process the uncooked thoughts, feelings and behaviours that are blocking your leadership effectiveness, and we’ll hold you through the raw feelings that often accompany periods of rapid personal growth and development.

If you’re a growth-oriented leader, dedicated to leading positive change, and looking to make a greater impact, then we believe that you’ll find Cru’s approach a good fit for your needs and aspirations.


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