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New courses coming in the first half of 2021

FREE course – Essentials of Leading Positive Change

This free course comprises 2 short videos per week over 12 weeks, covering the fundamental tools and mindsets for leading positive change. To add your name to the Wait List to receive further updates, email or use the Contact From.

We will also be offering two open courses where you will join a cohort of up to 20 fellow growth-minded individuals with an interest in leading positive change. To be added to the Wait List to receive further updates, email with the name of the course(s) you want to be kept informed about.

Lead from where you are – a practical, interactive course focusing on how to mobilise others with skill and confidence, so that you can take people with you and create the positive change, together, that is so important to you.

Lead from who you are – a practical, interactive course focusing on your inner world of thoughts and reflections about who you are as a leader. The course will help you maintain your confidence and resilience as you lead from where you are.

Why your leadership matters

In Deloitte’s most recent survey of global capital trends, 80% of respondents identified leadership development as an important issue. Fully 42% described leadership development as very important or crucial.

In increasingly turbulent times, older ‘command and control’ models of leadership are being experienced as increasingly inadequate; unsuited to the complex challenges facing leaders. Organisations are clamouring for more agile and diverse leadership, operating with new models of team-based, networked leadership, capable of mobilising people to adapt effectively to changing environments, allowing organisations to thrive in uncertainty.


A testimonial from a Cru course participant

“Working with Neill and Trevor has been an experience that has entirely reshaped my view on leadership and my understanding of what meaningful leadership can look like. Their holistic practice has enabled me to feel included and supported as I develop my skillset and build a deeper understanding of my organisation. As a result of working with Cru, I feel more confident to lead from where I am, in an ever-evolving organisation, for positive change. I hope that we will be able to work together again in the future.”

Jessie Jane, Somerset, UK


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