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Executive coaching with Cru will support you to grow how you think, act, and react as a leader. We will help you develop your ability to think diagnostically; to act effectively and overcome limiting behaviours; and to react resiliently in the face of personal challenges.

We use an Immunity to Change (ITC) coaching approach, because we’ve found this to be the most effective way to help leaders address mindset and behavioural development simultaneously.

ITC coaching is particularly helpful in situations where you’ve been finding it difficult to achieve behavioural changes.

Coaching is focused on achieving your desired outcomes. For that reason, coaching is time limited. Our aim is to help you create valuable new capacity – not to make you dependent on your coach.

An ITC coaching arc consists of 10 sequenced sessions, focused on making the specific improvement you desire. The first session lasts for 90 minutes. Subsequent sessions last for 60 minutes. We recommend fortnightly sessions. You will be given ‘homework’ to do between sessions. We work with clients over Skype or Zoom.

We also offer 3 and 6 session leadership coaching interventions for clients who are not looking for a full ITC arc, and who have a specific issue that they want support with. 

Please download the Cru Coaching Prospectus  or contact us to discuss your coaching requirements.

There are videos relating to Immunity to Change coaching in the Cru video library.

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