We offer leadership coaching designed to help leaders and teams address behaviours that are getting in the way of their making progress on their challenges.

For example, a leader may need to delegate more but is still struggling to achieve this despite having been on courses, had support from their boss, read books, watched videos, had a mentor and been coached by an expert.  In a case like this, technical solutions can take the leader only so far.

The block to progress is a sub-conscious mindset that is causing the leader to unknowingly resist change. The leader is not aware of the block and therefore not able to address what they can’t see.

We use Immunity to Change coaching in these situations. ITC is a practical coaching methodology that enables clients to surface and then address the unconscious block to progress. What results is the creation of a more empowering mindset and new behaviours that make change happen.  It is a powerful and pragmatic approach that clients find challenging and energising.

ITC coaching was developed by Professor Robert Kegan and Dr Lisa Lahey of the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Trevor and Neill are among a handful of people in the UK who have been trained in ITC coaching by Bob and Lisa.

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