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Cru Executive Coaching is a partnership, based on the question: What do you want us to achieve together?

Our role as executive coaches is to help you improve your performance and increase your capacity for successful leadership. There are two stages to this.

First, we’ll help you identify your most important coaching outcomes. We’ll work together to find the ‘one big thing’ that will make the biggest difference to you. In Cru coaching, we look to go beyond helping you acquire new skills – important as that is. For us, the ideal coaching zone is one where we work with you on goals and behaviours that currently feel out of reach. Working in this way accelerates personal and professional growth.

Then we’ll partner with you to create a coaching pathway that will help you achieve those outcomes, and the growth and development associated with them. We undertake to work with you until you have achieved your outcomes to your own satisfaction – or until you choose to stop coaching, which you are completely free to do at any time.

For us, a great coaching engagement is one which addresses your mindset, thoughts and feelings as well as your actions. We aim to help you achieve a very high level of performance against your chosen coaching outcomes. We also aim to help you develop as a person: better able to observe yourself in real time; experiment and course correct as necessary; and manage your future learning and development with confidence.

We believe that the quality of the relationship between a coach and a client is the single most important factor in successful coaching. We aim to build close professional relationships of openness, respect and trust. We always seek to find the right balance of challenge and support for each client.

We use an Immunity to Change approach to coaching, because we’ve found this to be the most effective way to help leaders address both their behaviours and their mindset at the same time. We also find that an Immunity to Change approach is particularly effective in promoting the kind of growth that is required to shift behaviours that have previously been resistant to change.

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There are videos relating to Immunity to Change coaching in the Cru video library.

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