Adult Learning Theory

We experience truly meaningful learning as powerful, exciting and transformative. This experience of learning is too rare, but it stays with us for ever.

Deep learning does not just increase our store of information and skills, it changes the way we think. We come to see the world, and ourselves, in new ways. We learn to increase our scope for action. We are changed.

This kind of learning doesn’t happen by accident; it happens by careful design. As adults, we learn best when we have clear goals; interact with other people; are motivated; and both receive and act upon frequent, real-time feedback.

At Cru, we aim to design learning experiences that draw on the depth of our facilitators’ experience, and on the best-evidenced adult learning theories. Cru works hard to provide participants with learning that:

  • Is personally meaningful and inherently motivating
  • Is relevant to participants’ professional challenges and immediately applicable
  • Takes place in highly collaborative, safe, small group settings
  • Provides participants with an optimal balance of individual challenge and support
  • Involves hearts as well as heads.



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