Three signs that you might benefit from adaptive leadership…

Is there a gap between your organisation’s aspirations and its current capabilities?

Are you finding that what has worked in the past, isn’t working any longer?

Does it feel like the goal posts have moved and keep moving?

Adaptive leadership speaks to these contexts.

For leaders working in a complex and uncertain environment, adaptive leadership offers very relevant, practical and powerful tools and principles for leaders.

What is Adaptive Leadership?

Adaptive leadership is a framework that was originally developed by Ron Heifetz and Marty Linsky of the Harvard Kennedy School. It has since been researched and refined, in theory, and practice, over 30 plus years.

Some of the core principles underpinning adaptive leadership are:

  • leadership is an activity – it’s what you do, not who you are
  • leadership can be exercised with, and without, formal authority
  • the measure of leadership is whether progress is being made
  • understanding the challenge is the starting point since the majority of leadership failures are caused by the failure in diagnosing the situation
  • challenges are tough because the solution is not within our current repertoire. We need to learn about the challenge and our response to the challenge before we can make progress
  • empathy is a core skill. Empathising with other people’s views, contexts and traditions, without necessarily agreeing with them, makes for more effective leadership
  • experimentation and learning are the most effective ways to make progress on unprecedented and complex challenges

There are a number of videos relating to adaptive leadership in the Cru video library.

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