In this section of the website, you’ll find details of Cru’s approach to leadership development.

The Achieve phase is the real-time, real-world application of your learning as you exercise leadership. The results of your outer and inner Grow work come together as you focus on building capacity and making progress on your challenges and opportunities.

We believe that leadership is a highly skilled activity. Like all activities, it can be learned, practiced and improved.

Our Adapt, Grow, Achieve approach is a highly effective, time-efficient way to equip people for the practical and personal challenges of leadership.

The Adapt, Grow, Achieve approach has been created by looking for the leadership development approaches with the best track records in impacting on the activity of leadership, and combining them into a new leadership offering. We’ve drawn from the fields of leadershipcoachingadult development and adult learning to create an approach that’s strongly grounded in research and evidence, theory and practical leadership activity.

We know that leadership is challenging. That’s why we’ll always work to support you personally as well as professionally. Your learning needs to be personally meaningful and relevant. That’s why we’ll always work with you in real time on your live leadership challenges. We know that diversity creates success. That’s why we’ll always work with the authentic you.

If you believe what we believe, then you’ll know that leadership is an activity that can be learned, and that effective leadership creates positive change in the world. It’s our mission to equip you, and people like you, to face your leadership challenges with confidence and skill.

If you want to see better leadership in the world, then we invite you to work with us and join our community of successful, growth-oriented leaders who are making a difference.

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