At Cru, our mission is to help equip people for the challenges of leadership. We recognise that exercising leadership is hugely challenging.

In the late 2010s, the pace at which we work, and the pace at which change is introduced, have increased significantly. As a leader, you will be experiencing this right now if you are feeling overloaded and are struggling to keep up. Add to this fragmenting customer needs, disruptive technology, business models and commercial assumptions being turned on their head and it becomes clear why we say that leadership is hugely challenging.

Have leaders ever been so mentally and physically challenged, outside of war time?

The current environment of complexity and uncertainty aligns perfectly with the definition of leadership that Cru focuses on. We define leadership as the activity of mobilising people to make progress on your organisation’s biggest and most important challenges.

We want to help you learn and practice how to get better at the activity of leadership in complex and uncertain situations.

We want to help you become more skilled and confident at leading others when there are no easy answers.

We want to support you in growing your personal capacity to lead beyond current know-how, assumptions and abilities.

The good news is that, like all other activities – such as learning a language, playing sport or creating art – leadership is an activity that can be learned, practiced and improved.


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