Immunity to Change

When you undertake a 360 assessment or ask colleagues for feedback, do the same, familiar development areas surface, time after time?

Have you tried to make progress on these development areas but never seem to create sustainable new behaviours, despite having training, mentoring or coaching ?

Does this frustrate you? Is it hampering your effectiveness as a leader and even limiting your career potential? Can you see fellow leaders having their own leadership “Achilles heel”?

Immunity to change summary

Immunity to Change is designed to help people overturn the behaviours – of individuals and teams –  that are putting a brake on their aspirations and stopping them moving forward. ITC is a coaching approach developed by Professor Robert Kegan and Dr Lisa Lahey of the Harvard Graduate School of Education.

The core principles that explain the effectiveness of ITC are:

  • Assumptions drive our behaviour, usually unconsciously
  • The process of making change will challenge our existing assumptions, but many of these assumptions are lodged in our sub-conscious mind and are invisible to us
  • When we become conscious of our behaviours and make them visible, we can observe them and get to know them better. (Making unconscious behaviours visible is the first step in the ITC coaching process)
  • Testing the “truth” of an assumption through real-world actions tends to generate knowledge that weakens the grip of the limiting assumption. In turn, this enables new behaviours to be tested and new outcomes to be created
  • Testing assumptions is challenging, so it needs to be done in safe and modest ways rather than big leaps or brave acts

As well as coaching Cru clients using ITC, Neill and Trevor have been coached on their own behavioural Achilles heels and seen the benefits of being released from self-limiting behaviours.


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