Effective leadership always heads straight towards the toughest problems.

This is because leadership is the activity of mobilising people to make progress on their most significant challenges. Leadership is about helping people make the difficult and necessary changes they need to, in order to make real progress. That’s the toughest of occupations.

Everywhere we look, we see people facing adaptive challenges. Adaptive challenges require us to develop new capacity. They are challenges which require us to address our values and attitudes and adapt our ways of thinking and behaving if we are to succeed.

The challenge of leadership, then, is learning how to mobilise people to adapt and grow, so that they can achieve.

What adaptive challenges might you be facing, right now?

Within your context, when you think about the future, what worries you most?

What are your biggest concerns?

How long have you had these? And do you know whether other people share the concerns?

Answers to these questions will likely point you towards significant opportunities and needs for exercising effective leadership.

Cru’s adapt, grow, achieve model guides leaders through three stages, starting with identifying the learning and development you require, then undertaking that learning, and finally applying the learning in live leadership situations.

Adapt identifies the outer and inner work you need to do.

Grow is your learning and development phase.

Achieve is the real-time application of your learning.

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