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Research has shown that thought leads to action. How you think about leadership will impact how you act as a leader.

In line with our mission to equip people for the challenges of leadership, we produce share our thoughts and learning about leadership through short videos and writing. 

Free Ebook

The short, free e-book: Adapt, Grow, Achieve: equipping you for the challenges of leadership, introduces you to the essential elements of the Cru model and the focus on the “outer work” and the “inner work” of leadership.


On the Cru YouTube channel, you will find a range of “Cru Shorts”, 4 to 9-minute videos that explain different aspects of leadership and organisational challenges through the lenses of adaptive leadership, adult development theory and immunity to change.

Videos you can watch include:

  • The differences between authority and leadership
  • What is adaptive leadership?
  • How to spot if you have an adaptive challenge
  • What is Immunity to Change coaching?

The videos are designed to educate, entertain and provoke. We love to discuss these topics so feel free to get in touch with your thoughts and comments.


In the CruBlog we share our thoughts, and offer resources, on the challenges of leadership.

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