We believe that the world needs better leadership.

We’re crying out for widespread, effective leadership that’s able to bring people together to overcome tough challenges and create positive change.

At Cru we teach Millennials how to lead positive change. 

We work globally with growth-minded leaders from all sectors who want to bring people together to make progress.

The world needs your leadership. We’re here to help you bring it.


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You can get started by signing up for our FREE  video-based email course. You’ll receive two short videos per week for 12 weeks, providing you with the essentials for leading positive change. The course will launch in 2021. To add your name to the Wait List, simply email trevor@cruleaderdevelopment.com. You can find out more about our free course and two other courses, Lead from where you are and Lead from who you are, on our Courses and Workshops page in the Grow section.

Start by adapting

Continue by growing

Finish by achieving

Adapt Grow Achieve: Equip Yourself for the Challenges of Leadership

The world needs better leaders – and we want you to be one of them. In this short, practical book, authors Neill Thew and Trevor Cousins share their three step process for helping leaders become more effective at achieving positive change.

The Adapt, Grow, Achieve approach uniquely pays equal attention to both the outer and the inner work. Our approach draws both on our own experience, and on the best-evidenced theory and practice drawn from the fields of leadership, coaching, adult development and learning.

To help equip you to face the challenges of your leadership, Adapt, Grow, Achieve is filled with immediately applicable strategies and tools and illustrated with examples of real-world leadership success.


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Our book is available from Amazon in print and digital formats. If you have a Kindle, you can download a free sample of the e-book Introduction. Find out how you can equip yourself for the challenges of leadership, using Cru’s Adapt, Grow, Achieve approach to leadership development.

Cru Values


Cru’s Adapt Grow Achieve approach to leadership development is an original, evidence-based synthesis of theory and practice. We draw from the best work in leadership, coaching, adult development and adult learning. Unlike many approaches to leadership, the Cru process supports both your ‘outer work’ of exercising effective leadership and your ‘inner work’ of building greater personal capacity.


Cru’s Adapt Grow Achieve process understands that developing your capacity for leadership will stretch your emotions as well as your mind. When you work with us, we want you to feel fully seen, known and understood.


Cru’s Adapt Grow Achieve process is highly sensitive to your context and aspirations. You’ll work with us in real time on your own organisational and professional challenges. We don’t believe that generic, cookie cutter solutions to leadership development are effective for today’s complex leadership challenges.

Neill Thew
Founding Director
Trevor Cousins
Founding Director

“Working with Cru has been a transformational experience for me. It’s had positive benefits for my leadership. I feel I have made significant progress towards leading rather than simply managing, and the work has changed not only the way I think but also what I think about. I won’t pretend it’s easy to work – it’s actually very challenging.

I know that no significant developmental progress can be made without challenge. Fortunately, Neill and Trevor’s delivery method reflects my own philosophy of ‘challenge and support’, so while it is challenging work, you will always feel supported in reaching your goals. I have invited Cru in to work with my management team and me. What was transformational for me can be transformational for our whole institute.”

“We worked together, using The Immunity to Change process, which helps you tackle the things in your life and career that are often the most difficult to change and keep reoccurring. Not only did Cru help me understand this in a deep and meaningful way but also provided a framework for testing and validating the assumptions you often make about why things stop you progressing and fundamentally hone in on the things that really matter. It has helped me better understand and recognise both positive and negative habits and therefore established a real mind-set change, in turn helping me grow and develop.”

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